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Dec 16, 2015
Two Additions/One Deletion in S-Network Global Automotive Index Semiannual Rebalancing...More

June 10, 2015
One Addition in AUTOS Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Dec 10, 2014
Two Additions/One Deletion in AUTOS Semiannual Rebalancing and Rule Change...More

June 11, 2014
Three Additions/Three Deletions in AUTOS Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Dec 12, 2013
One Addition/One Deletion in AUTOS Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Jan 16, 2012
Q4 2012 AUTOS Index Insights...More

Dec 12, 2012
Three Additions/Deletions from AUTOS in Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Oct 15, 2012
Q3 2012 AUTOS Index Insights...More

Oct 11, 2012
Auto Industry September 2012...More

Sept 10, 2012
Auto Industry August 2012...More

Aug 8, 2012
Auto Industry July 2012...More

Jul 9, 2012
Q2 2012 AUTOS Index Insights...More

Jul 9, 2012
Auto Industry June 2012...More

June 11, 2012
Auto Industry Report May 2012...More

June 6, 2012
One Addition to S-Network Global Automotive Index in Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Apr 11, 2012
AUTOS Q1 2012 Index Insights...More

Mar 8, 2012
Auto Industry Report February 2012...More

Feb 9, 2012
Auto Industry Report January 2012...More

Jan 10, 2012
Q4 2011 AUTOS Index Insights...More

Jan 6, 2012
Auto Industry Report December 2011...More

Dec 15, 2011
Auto Industry Report November 2011...More

Dec 7, 2011
No Additions/Deletions to AUTOS in Semiannual Rebalancing ...More

Nov 15, 2011
Auto Industry October Research Report...More

Oct 17, 2011
Auto Industry September Research Report...More

Oct 7, 2011
Q3 2011 AUTOS Index Insights...More

July 7,2011
Q2 2011 AUTOS Index Insights...More

June 8, 2011
No Changes to AUTOS Index in Quarterly Rebalancing...More

May 20, 2011
AUTOS April 2011 Index Insights...More

May 18, 2011
S-Network Launches Automotive Index...More

Index Committee Members

David Boydell, CFP
Founder, Myers DeWitt LLC
David C. Boydell, CFP, is the founder of Myers DeWitt, LLC.  Mr. Boydell is a Certified Financial Planner and has over 16 years experience in investment management and financial planning as well as extensive experience in real estate lending, commodities, and currency trading. He specializes in financial consulting, conventional and private lending as well as estate preservation and pension planning.

Mr. Boydell is a graduate of the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona with Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and General Business. He also received his Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP) from the College of Financial Planning, Denver, Colorado in 1996. Mr. Boydell devotes his time developing financial strategies for individuals and small businesses in the equity and fixed income markets as well as debt management. He has successfully owned and operated several small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area which includes his current membership in Sonoma Ridge Capital, LLC.

Mr. Boydell has been a member of the Financial Planning Association since 1996 (formerly The Institute of Certified Financial Planners) and the National Association of Life Underwriters since 1993. Mr. Boydell is a registered representative of Mid Atlantic Capital Corp., member FINRA/SIPC. He offers investment advice through Mid Atlantic Financial Management, Inc, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, and is a California licensed Real Estate Broker..

Joseph LaCorte, CFA
President, S-Network Global Indexes LLC

Joseph LaCorte is presently a Managing Member of S-Network, a New York based consulting firm specializing in the development of indexes, quantitative asset management products and structured products, including exchange traded funds and over-the-counter derivatives. In the past five years, he served as a Managing Director of UBS, with responsibility for that firm’s global exchange traded fund (ETF) initiative. Prior to that, Mr. LaCorte served as managing member of S-Network LLC, where he maintained responsibility for key clients, including the American Stock Exchange, Deutsche Borse and State Street Bank & Trust.

Mr. LaCorte was also a Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, responsible for that bank’s US index arbitrage and portfolio trading businesses. He worked as part of the management teams at both Nomura and Kidder Peabody in the similar capacities. While at each of these firms, their index arbitrage businesses were the largest in the United States.

Patrick Shaddow
Index Analyst, S-Network Global Indexes

Patrick Shaddow is a Member of S-Network, responsible for index development and maintenance.  Patrick has been closely involved in the development of a majority of the indexes currently in production by S-Network Global Indexes.  Prior to joining S-Network, Patrick served as a research analyst for Dow Jones Indexes, an index provider based in Princeton, New Jersey.  

Patrick earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Rutgers University School of Business.