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Dec 16, 2015
Two Additions/One Deletion in S-Network Global Automotive Index Semiannual Rebalancing...More

June 10, 2015
One Addition in AUTOS Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Dec 10, 2014
Two Additions/One Deletion in AUTOS Semiannual Rebalancing and Rule Change...More

June 11, 2014
Three Additions/Three Deletions in AUTOS Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Dec 12, 2013
One Addition/One Deletion in AUTOS Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Jan 16, 2012
Q4 2012 AUTOS Index Insights...More

Dec 12, 2012
Three Additions/Deletions from AUTOS in Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Oct 15, 2012
Q3 2012 AUTOS Index Insights...More

Oct 11, 2012
Auto Industry September 2012...More

Sept 10, 2012
Auto Industry August 2012...More

Aug 8, 2012
Auto Industry July 2012...More

Jul 9, 2012
Q2 2012 AUTOS Index Insights...More

Jul 9, 2012
Auto Industry June 2012...More

June 11, 2012
Auto Industry Report May 2012...More

June 6, 2012
One Addition to S-Network Global Automotive Index in Semiannual Rebalancing...More

Apr 11, 2012
AUTOS Q1 2012 Index Insights...More

Mar 8, 2012
Auto Industry Report February 2012...More

Feb 9, 2012
Auto Industry Report January 2012...More

Jan 10, 2012
Q4 2011 AUTOS Index Insights...More

Jan 6, 2012
Auto Industry Report December 2011...More

Dec 15, 2011
Auto Industry Report November 2011...More

Dec 7, 2011
No Additions/Deletions to AUTOS in Semiannual Rebalancing ...More

Nov 15, 2011
Auto Industry October Research Report...More

Oct 17, 2011
Auto Industry September Research Report...More

Oct 7, 2011
Q3 2011 AUTOS Index Insights...More

July 7,2011
Q2 2011 AUTOS Index Insights...More

June 8, 2011
No Changes to AUTOS Index in Quarterly Rebalancing...More

May 20, 2011
AUTOS April 2011 Index Insights...More

May 18, 2011
S-Network Launches Automotive Index...More

About S-Network Global Indexes LLC

S-Network Global Indexes LLC is a publisher and developer of proprietary and custom indexes. S-Network was founded in 1997 to serve as a consultant to the financial services industry. Since its founding, S-Network has specialized in indexes, indexation, and index-based products, including ETFs.

S-Network has provided in-depth consulting services to some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Deutsche Borse AG, UBS AG, State Street Bank & Trust, Deutsche Bank AG, the American Stock Exchange, Speer Leads & Kellogg, Barclays Global Investors, and other leading firms. Among its accomplishments, S-Network was instrumental in the structuring and development of the STOXX Index, which serves as the most widely-referenced benchmark for European and Euro zone equities. 

Through UBS, S-Network participated in the early development of the innovative Morningstar Style Box family of indexes. Starting in 2006, S-Network began publishing specialty indexes covering sub-sectors and investment themes. Currently, S-Network publishes indexes covering the Alternative Energy, Commodity, Water, Nuclear Energy, Coal, Gaming, and Infrastructure sectors. Additional equity indexes are in various stages of research and development. 

Many S-Network indexes are compiled with the assistance and support of partner organizations, which maintain high levels of expertise in specific sectors or regions. S-Network indexes have been licensed to a number of major financial intermediaries in the US and Europe and serve as the basis for ETFs, Structured Products, Mutual Funds, and UITs.  S-Network indexes are also used by major institutional investors for benchmarking and passive asset management purposes.